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Advice for those about to start high school

    You do not need a giant rucksack
  • You probably won’t need the triangle thingy that comes with your protractor and compass.
  • They lie when say you need a scientific calculator in your first year, more like year ten or 11.
  • You do not need need to look like an oompah lumpa with your make up.. subtlety is key, year seven PE does not need require elaborate eyeshadow.
  • You’ll all be scared shitless together so don’t pretend you’re not.
  • If you have any disability be prepared for inane questions from your fellow comrades (everyone will want to be your friend when they find out you get to leave class early and a lift pass) and the piss taken out of you.
  • Ditch the lunch box.
  • Do not forget your headphones for the bus.
  • You’ll think your in love by the end of the first term, FYI you’re not, and no, there’s no hope for you and the sixth former who kissed you on the cheek under the mistletoe that’s attached your wheelchair headrest…
  • Charlie perfume was sooo 2000’s. Now it’s all about that jack wills body spray.
  • If you’re a sweet innocent and niave who’s struggling to fit in; drop a swear word into every other sentence. That way you’ll not be labelled as the ‘One who has a stick up their ass’.
  • The music department will always be your home.
  • Don’t have a HSM pencil case
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t worry too much. You think you’re life is hard now, well it gets even more complicated as you grow older. Enjoy the easy years.

Tuesday: Course update

I have a kidney infection due to the catheter nurses not changing it last week.

Currently reading the Forbidden Sister: Roxy’s story by VC Andrews. I love her books about fallen women with an air of mystery about them. My favourite series of hers is still flowers in the attic

I have managed to do the two creative pieces for my assignment due in August but I’m scared the first piece maybe too dark and not hit the marking criteria but, I’m going to take a risk and send it anyway and show Jerry my tutor what I can do.

My classmates have been great, reviewing bits and pieces for me.

I can’t believe I managed to do the exercise booklet in 18 hours instead of 80 and I did not rush it either even though my notes will never be marked I always make sure the work is too high standard. My secret weapon is Mel who writes down my notes while all I’ve got to do is think of what to say and she put it on paper in twice the time that I would.

With all those inspirational cutouts I stuck in my notebook; plots for new stories seem to be flooding out of me.

My only problem is I’ve yet to discover the discipline to sit down and write one all the way through. When I was writing carefree and consequences I wrote it by Wattpad so I wrote a chapter by chapter, keeping it relatively short and awaiting readers feedback before I ploughed on with the next one.

I am determined to write my mermaid novel and get it published by at least 2020 in December.

Can’t wait to write my commentary and then to hand it in, so I can move on with the next assignment. I can’t wait to show Jerry in my commentary that I have been doing the extra reading at home and able to discuss other writers influences on me and advice from the guidebook,

Thank you to my friend Sue who popped over today and kept me company for a while and cheered me up.

Good luck to all my writing friends!

Speak soon,