Self care Sunday tips

  1. Organise your week ahead so you know what you need to deal with – For example personal appointments in blue ink and work related appointments in black
  2. Write yourself a list for every day with things/small tasks you need fo accomplish – using the green, amber and red colour coding system.
    Print out any essential handouts for work or class and make annotations on them ready to bring up at the seminar/meeting
    Decided your outfits ready for the week.
    Shave and wax.
    Get a manicure done
  1. Don a hydrating face mask, then cleanse and moisturerize
  2. Replenish any handbag essentials like a spare cardigan/plasters/makeup/healthy snacks
  3. Lie in a hot bubbly bath, light a few candles/incense and relax with a paperback you’ve been dying to read.
  1. Straighten your hair the night before
  2. Prepare your lunch and breakfast
  3. Listen to positive music
  4. Get an early night
  5. Charge all devices

Writing inspiration/ Tips



Use Grammarly – best writing tool ever!

Use Pinterest for inspiration

Get a thesaurus

Write for 10 minutes each day

Always do your rough drafts in pen – ink flowing = ideas

Turn of your internet

Go through your projects and if any are unfinished – finish with them. For example, I realised I have three numbers on the go before I can start my autobiography so that’s what I’m concentrating on at the moment.

The Audrey: Style inspiration

This is from my Bringing back a bygone Era to the 21st-century collection on ShopLook .

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About Audrey

  • Yes we all know that Marylin Monroe was the OG sex symbol but Audrey did so much more in her lifetime:
  • She was part of the Dutch resistance in World War II
  • Trained as a ballerina
  • She spoke four languages; German, French, Dutch and English.
  • Spoke up about the stigma of miscarriage
  • Champion of UNICEF
  • Fashion icon
  • Raised money for Cerebral Palsy charities
  • Well advertised in politics
  • Style inspiration for Gucci.
  • Sunday Self Care Tips

    Well, my back and pelvis are aching due to the cold weather, so I thought what a great time to share some self care tips!

    • Take a bubble bath
    • Light a scented candle and try some meditation.
    • Turn your devices for an hour
    • Put on your favourite movie
    • Drink eight glasses of water a day: hydrated skin is happy skin!
    • Do a crossword/word search or sudoko – to keep your brain active.
    • Read some positive affirmations
    • Create a positive playlist, read some of my music Monday posts for ideas.
    • Do a gentle workout
    • Eat healthily
    • Start a habit tracker/ bullet journal
    • Colouring
    • Read a book, plenty of recommendations on my blog!

    How to dress with a vintage Vibe

    When dressing vintage, remember to add modern twists so you don’t look too dated. Pastel and floral are a must especially, if you want the feminine look. Remember that collecting pieces can be expensive so be prepared save up!

    The best vintage fashion retailers

    Ebay/ charity shops/ vintage flea markets.

    And if you want some fashion inspiration check out my friend, @Wheelingalong24 on Twitter and Instagram. Also read the online magazine, Vintage life

    Ps. Do any of you know of an app that is similar to Polyvore where I can put together a collage of garments and outfits?

    How to survive when mother nature’s gift comes

    1. Massage your abdomen
    2. Hot baths
    3. Hot water bottles
    4. Drink plenty of water
    5. Cuddle up with a warm blanket and your favourite film/ binge watch Netflix
    6. Take ibroprofene
    7. Eat dark chocolate
    8. For the mood swings you’ll need a pillow to pummel and tissues.
    9. Treat yourself to a manicure or facial.
    10. Cuddle up with a good book
    11. If everyone’s irritating you or telling you to stop whinging say, ‘my uterus is shredding.’
    12. Eat what you crave.
    13. Naps are always a good thing.
    14. Pizza
    15. A warm drink or wine
    16. Relaxing playlist
    17. Coloring – it’s calming.
    18. A little exercise. (Not just lifting the remote up and down)
    19. Granny pants
    20. Elasticated

    Dating advice

    Get to know the person first before going on first dates and further dates. For me, it was like a roller coaster that wouldn’t stop.

    1. Don’t rush into sex.
    2. Go on double dates with friends and value their opinion.
    3. Never hook up online – yes it’s easier to talk over a keyboard but you have no idea who your talking.
    4. Don’t feel like you need to wear makeup/ fancy clothes on your first date – be comfortable.
    5. Meet each other’s parents – it shows how serious you are and it’s respectful.
    6. Don’t wait for he/she to ask you out, this is the 21st century – take charge.
    7. The common interest is a good thing.
    8. Pressure from the other is not – run as fast as you can hun!
    9. Have dates in public places – its neutral ground.
    10. Be mature – don’t date someone if you’re going to play games to make another person.
    11. Be honest with each other.
    12. Trust is an important foundation.
    13. If they make you laugh, it’s a good start.
    14. There’s no shame in playing the field as long as you’re not playing someone else.