Monday Rant: Staff ‘refused to let a severely autistic boy, 15, onto a Ryanair flight from Alicante after trying to charge his family a £25 carry-on fee for the teenager’s comfort doll’

This is ridiculous, nothing shows me with this airline. They are an utter farce. This poor family, not to mention how they ridiculed him in front other passengers. Travelling with a disability is hard enough. Don’t make it harder.

Well done Jet2 for stepping up to the plate. Compassion for disabled people and

anyone for that matter.

it’s incidents like this that put disabled people off of travelling.

We don’t need to more barriers, we need human common sense.

What do you think? Get involved in the comments.

If you are planning on travelling especially in a wheelchair please see my ‘ Travelling with a wheelchair tips’ post in the Disability category.


My top 10 tips for travelling with a wheelchair


  • 1) If any part of your chair detaches and your airline allows try to get as much of it on the plane with you. For example, I took my backrest and foot plates with me as they are custom made and they can’t get damaged.
  • 2) Service your chair before you go. This is so you don’t meet any unwelcome hitches on your holiday,
  • 3) Get your wheelchair insured so that if it is damaged you can claim back from the airline and won’t incur any charges or be without a chair on your holiday.
  • 4) Make use of any assistance the airline offers you. Their there to help you.
  • 5) Tell security if you DO have any sore points on your body. I learnt this the hard way once and was in pain for a flight.
  • 6) Keep your pain meds in in your hand luggage so you can take them if need be on the plane.
  • 7)Take extra cushions for your seat if you need extra support. 8) Wear your flight socks. They’ll help your circulation flow. 9) Try to flex your hands and feet to stop stiffness or if your able to walk to the toilet and back. 10) Drink plenty 11) Try to sleep 12) if your planning to use a power chair, bring the charger and travel adaptor. 13) Enjoy your flight.

Red sunset by the River

Silks of red and burnt orange hang in between windows like a staged sunset. Hindi floats in the air as they converse the daily struggles. Their hands are worn and so are their eyes. Even as they beat their washing against uneven stones that stands at banks of rivers the long travelled dust settles on their clothes like snow flakes in the July heat. The maitrachs backs are bent and their movements synchronised Bollywood dancing in scilence with only the hindi and the river’s slaps against the banks to accompany them. Girls’s innocence are covered in white cloths. This is their future ubless something changes. Inspired The King and I

A person who doesn’t travel, only reads one page of a book.

I really want to visit Amsterdam and I’m planning a trip with my dad. (We’re not close so I’m hoping this will bring us closer – I want to try!) I want to scoop up the tulips, try some weed and visit all the sex museums, it’s a shame the Anne Frank house isn’t accessible. I also want to go to the restaurant that was in The Fault in The Stars

The second place I’d love to go to is Barcelona. I’m learning Spanish on the iPad and I enjoy yet. I’d love to see the Spanish Steps, see a bullfight and a Flamenco.

The third place I’d like to visit in Germany. I’m just curious about the culture.

The fourth place would be Scotland. It’s where my step dads from. I’d love to visit Loch Ness, visit the Edinburgh festival, Mahogany. Read Burns poetry, pick thistle, that sort of thing.

The last to place I’d love to visit is Ireland. I’d love to drink Guinness, watch Irish dancers, visit old bookshops of poets gone by. I want to kiss the Blarney Stone and walk the Giants Causeway.

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