The Forgotten Children of Romania

Watching this documentary on Channel 5 about finding a home for Romanian disabled children and I’m not ashamed to say I’m crying! So grateful I live in the UK and have fantastic care and facilities unlike these children through no fault of their own. END INSTITUTIONALISATION! Everybody has a right to a good quality of life!

If you want to see how disabled children are treated in eastern Europe, go to YouTube and type in ‘The forgotten children of Bulgaria’. I don’t understand why people aren’t intervening.. . this iso inhuman!


Tune in Tuesday: 5 shows I love

  • How To get away with murder
  • One day at a time
  • Baptiste
  • Abducted in plain sight
  • The Ted Bundy tapes

I like crime stuff right now… Although I’m going to have to start watching how to get away with murder on season one because I originally joined my mum watching it when she was on season three. But, even then the story line had me hooked.