Outfits that I wish I could afford.

All designed by moi, except the 1920’s dress.


New WIP with book cover, character collages and basic plot

Meet my new #WIP #Thecalmbeforethestorm She’s the heir to the seven seas and someone is out for her blood and to rule every inch of water. A hybrid child of an Amazon Fighter Merman Agua, and Mediterranean shapeshifter and previous daughter of the Hawaiian sea, she is transformed into a baby and entrusted to a fisherman, with a secret past, Kato and his baron wife, Angela to keep her safe until her 18th birthday. After learning her orgin, Marielia must fight for the ocean below for everybody’s sake – but is she supporting the right side or has she swam right in to Quadulupe’s (The siren/sea/witch/aunt) trap? All rights reserved at Rachel Marie

So the book cover is done and so are the character ascetics, now all there is left to do is to write the damn thing! All images from Canva/Weheartit

Cover: Made by Canva

Fashion reminder: Handbags are seasonal too.

It’s time to put away those big bulky brown tote bags and swap it for something like colourful/floral/bamboo/style

My brown Carvella is safely stored away for winter when we carry a whole pharmacy in our bags and at least 1 smashed lipstick and broken compact, two broken umbrellas and if your studying maybe… some class notes/books/first aid kit/school supplies – keys, phone and deodorant and hair brush

Or you are one of these ‘mums never ending always prepared’ bag packers who’s bags are always kath Kidston. (that’s mainly me even though I haven’t got kids)

All I’m saying is you need to downsize your handbag and trim your necessities and brighten up your palate for the summer months ahead