OCA: Uni – Module two complete

I’ve just done and submitted my assignment five for my second module with the OCA. I just have to wait for feedback, write an extended commentary and then upload ready for assessment in November and that’s module two done. I’ll wait till my results on the 14th of August before I apply for my third… Continue reading OCA: Uni – Module two complete


Outline of my YA debut with the OCA

• Chapter one: Clara suspect that she has chronic fatigue syndrome along with her cerebral palsy and begins to blog about it where she meets Anastasia who offers her advice and guidance and an online friendship blossoms • Chapter two: Anistasia’s parents are offered jobs in England near to where Clara lives - Anistasia is… Continue reading Outline of my YA debut with the OCA

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Resources and tips to a make a great blog

Www.pinterest.com - it's a fab place to gather inspiration. Www.unsplash.com - It's a good place to get royalty free images Canva.com - Create your own graphics with ease. Buffer.com/hootsuite.com - To schedule your social media posts Grammarly - check your spelling and grammar before submitting a blog post. Etsy.com - buy a custom web design,… Continue reading Resources and tips to a make a great blog


Wednesday Wisdom: Writers edition

Here's some sound advice for you, this afternoon. My advice? I like to work on character descriptions when I have a rough storyline and then do character collages of what they look like, hobbies, where they live and quotes that suit their personality. I then design my book cover and then I begin to write.… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom: Writers edition